Sunday, 15 February 2009

On Any Sunday

The peace in an otherwise non-descript industrial estate was shattered today with the harsh bark from the cut-down "silencers"; the bike running under its own power for the first time. Finally. About a year later than hoped!

I didn't realise that my hairline was receeding quite so much....

However, Ash described himself as "looking like the man-mountain on that".

We spent the morning fitting crash bungs, here: Also captive nuts to the seat unit, sorting the tank cover and making exhaust brackets. They sit much betrer now. We also fitted a guard to stop small children being sucked into the carbs :

You can see the white plastic guard here, as well as Ash who obviously thinks that he'd be a great bouncer. Looking less thuggish than usual here, he is almost smiling. Despite the hideous exterior, he is a great guy to have onside. I am massively looking forward to the imminent 2009 season.
So, out findings from the initial run: the pipes need brackets underneath, and the silencers re-packing. The battery terminals need to be better secured, and more importantly we need to consider getting some time on a dyno to sort out the ignition timing and the fuelling. There's also an oil weep from the crankshaft where it passes through the CNC ally engine cover, so that will be next. Its getting there, the first race meeting is on the 16th of May. We will be on the grid at Cadwell Park!

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guanche said...

Hi there guys! All the luck for 2009! Maybe I will see you there on the grid (and the finish line!)

And don't worry too much about the hair line Andy... these things happens when you get married. :)