Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Poco a Poco...

So now we have a rear master cylinder, and some exhaust brackets. Every day she grows a little more!

And I know the exhausts look a bit daft from the back, but at this rate there wont be anyone behind me to see them...

Am not sure whether to take a front disk off, or add a second caliper. Either way, not a massive job, I am sure testing will sort that one out!

And once I get a few little fiddly jobs out of the way I'll have to get wiring in the Silent Hektik ignition system. Oh...! And that reminds me, we'll need to make a battery tray too!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Slow but Steady...

...kind of sums up Team Thumper I suppose!

A bit of a progress report on the current state of play:

Today I fibreglassed the necessary fixings and exhaust brackets onto the tail unit; you can see the standard of workmanship here...!

I also got a (barely) functional rearset linkage on the go, to at least allow me to knock it into gear when the time comes to try to run it.

On top of that, we now have a chain (to facilitate the same), and I've cleaned up the front fairing bracket to allow a bit of welding to be done.

But its almost a bike now: the tail unit is ready to go, and the brackets for the little ally tank have been bodged out of some flattened tube. I have the distinct feeling that when it comes to actually running (reliably), then they'll have to be re-made, but they'll do for just now. She is beautifully narrow across the waist tho; we have faith in the belief that when she runs, she should be a good 'un. Getting to that point has just been more problematic (for oafs like us) than we'd ever though would be the case...

Slightly more problematic may be mounting the rear master cylinder as space would appear to be rather tight. Nice rearsets tho, eh??
Note the lower bolt in this pic (there are 4 in total) which support the seat unit and rider's weight; impressive given the lack of subframe.

Oil lines should be on within a week. Ditto the front brake line. Then after a bit of wiring, and finding a clutch lever and handlebar bracket, I would hope that we can start to think about fuelling up and putting some oil in... then Boyd can break a sweat pushing me and a dead bike up and down the street!!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


3 sets of valve stem seals, 2 camshafts, lots of thinking and stupid questions, long hours filing collets and a complete lack of any engineering prowess.

The motor is now in the frame and all the major bits are hanging on it. It even rolls... Oil lines have been problematic, tho Ben at Pirtek at Kings X has been trying hard to sort out the niggles.

I have a chain on its way, an immediate problem is the shift linkage. I have RH thread rose joints (M6 thread and 6mm pivot hole), and some M6 bar which will do for a link rod just now. However, all of the gear shaft clamps I have have old knackered rose joints (with LH threads) pressed in... And they wont press out. I need a clamp to bite onto the gear shift splines, with no rose joint on it...

Back the the Electronic Bay. Do such items exist? I'm about to find out...

Piccies soon!