Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Empresses New Clothes

Ta Daaa!!

It has been said that the results achieved with doing bodywork stuff are directly proportional to the time and effort put into preparation. Subsequently its looking a bit ropey, but I had no more time, no more aerosols, and it wont matter after a trip through the gravel...

I wish I had more time to make the suface good; more paint (yellow doesn't give great coverage!), and more skill. However, it was a not unpleasant weekend, and as ever, I learned lots. "Every cloud" and all that....

Far from perfect (Andy- its not even "good"!) but at least its now all the one colour. In Team spirit, its akin to Dave's (click that link- his is looking sweet) but I get the feeling that mine will be a poor relation parked up next to his shining jewel!

I only put the bodywork on to make myself feel better on Sunday morning. So the exhaust hangers aren't there, and there bellypan isn't on properly.

From here, I've hung the exhausts, made lower brackets to stop the pipes banging about, sorted that back faster on the bellypan and painted number boards on it.

A bit of soldering to finalise the wiring, add some vinyls (thanks Ash) then off to Cadwell to sort the jetting of Friday. Saturday is the first round of the British Supermono Cup of 2009. I should really have been at this point 12 months ago, but it just didn't happen. And it would still be in multicoloured bits without buckets of help from lots of people. Thank you boys n girls!